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JINAN RENO EXTRUSION MACHINERY CO.,LTD, special on food extrusion tech and machinery manufacturer in Jinan city, China . Our mainly products are: puff snacks machine,core filling snacks machinery,pet food machine, fish feed machine, pet chews food machine, pet snacks machine,corn flakes production line, lab twin screw extruder, twins screw extruder,double screw extruder, nik naks machine,..

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Hot Products
  • Artificial Rice Extruder Machine
    Artificial Rice Extruder Machine

    Product Description 1.Nutrition rice making machinery Description: Artificial rice is mainly...

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  • Textured Soya Protein Food Machine
    Textured Soya Protein Food Machine

    Introduction 1. Soy protein textured production line raw materials adopts defatted soya...

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  • Bread Crumb Making Machine
    Bread Crumb Making Machine

    1. Brief Introduction of panko bread crumb machine Breadcrumb is mainly used for fried beefsteak...

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  • Nik Naks Machines
    Nik Naks Machines

    Fully Automatic Industrial Kurkure Cheetos Nik Naks Making Machine Product Description How to...

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  • Fish Feed Making Machine
    Fish Feed Making Machine

    Product Description Floating Sinking Pellet Feed Fish Food Making Machine Description 1.Fish...

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  • Baby Food Making Machine
    Baby Food Making Machine

    Baby Food Machine Nutritional powder production line The instant cereal porridge baby food...

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  • Corn Flakes Extruder Machine
    Corn Flakes Extruder Machine

    Product Description full-automatic Corn flakes extruder machine 1.Description of Corn flakes...

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  • Lab Twins Screw Extruder
    Lab Twins Screw Extruder

    SLG3 2 Lab twin s screw extruder Lab twin-screw extruder is our company research for...

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What Are The Advantages Of Twin-screw Extruder? 01 Mar,2012 The twin-screw extruder has become more and more advanced with the progress of science and technology. Now the new twin Read More
Pet Food Production Line Equipment Advantages 02 Mar,2013 The dog food equipment model has built-in screw and screw sleeve lengthening, the material has long rotation time Read More