How To Choose The Right Twin-screw Extruder

- Aug 01, 2018 -

When a new feed processing plant or an old factory is used to renovate the original feed production line, when selecting a twin-screw extruder, first consider its type and specification, and determine the matching equipment according to the production capacity; especially when the old factory is rebuilt, it is also necessary to consider Whether the production capacity of the original feed mill, dryer, and cooler can support the normal operation of the new machine.

For feed processing, the good expansion effect of the twin-screw extruder directly affects the pellet forming rate to over 99%. It is generally considered that the requirements for qualified expanded feed produced by the twin-screw extruder are: particle pulverization rate less than 1%, particle floating rate (Sinking rate) up to 100%, the formed particles are uniform in size, uniform in color and have good water resistance; the floating feed is kept in water for 10 hours, and the sinking type is kept in water for 3 hours without collapse.

The twin-screw extruders of different manufacturers have different service life due to different structural characteristics and materials used. Therefore, when choosing a twin-screw extruder, special attention should be paid to whether the structural design is reasonable, and the focus is on the wear resistance of the wearing parts and whether the screw wear can be reduced.

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