Extrusion Processing Technology For Fish Feed Equipment

- May 03, 2014 -

Extrusion technology can provide special feed for fisheries and aquaculture. This type of feed can be customized as a sinking material, floating material, only the proper fish feed equipment is needed, and the appropriate extrusion process in production. In the past five years, the commercial aquaculture as a human food consumption has developed extremely rapidly, and in order to adapt to this change, fish feed equipment that provides special feed for this application has developed rapidly.

Many extrusion techniques for other animal feed processing applications can also be applied to the production of fish feed equipment. Extrusion technology has proven to be an extremely effective way to digest and granulate raw materials for specific uses. The main conditions affecting the characteristics of the feed are the temperature and humidity of the cooking of the raw materials in the extruder, which affect the cooking of the starch and protein. Because starch cooking and gelatinization binds the raw materials tightly, the degree of starch cooking has a great influence on the properties of the final product.

In the state of the raw material, the cereal starch forms small particles which are insoluble in water. When mixed with water, they behave like sand. When the starch is cooked, its granules begin to swell and then blast, and the starch molecules flow out of the tightly packed particles, forming a loose state.

This situation occurs very quickly during the cooking of the fish feed equipment, when the starch forms a gel and can absorb 10 times its own weight in the water. The gel has a viscosity which binds together all other solid particles in the feed component, and the gel body also swells. When the cooking function of the fish feed equipment is enhanced, the properties of the starch gel are changed, the water resistance is reduced, and the water solubility of the starch is greatly increased.

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