Buy Dog Food Equipment Mainly Depends On Twin-screw Extruder

- Aug 01, 2018 -

One of the most important equipments for the production of dog food is the twin-screw extruder. If you want to produce a large amount of dog food equipment, you have to purchase the corresponding expansion equipment. The model is novel in design, compact in structure and high in production efficiency. Reliable, rugged, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance. Easy to use, smooth transmission and low noise.

The main components of dog food equipment are made of special alloy materials after heat treatment. The service life is long. Only a few manufacturers in China use special wear-resistant alloy precision casting molding. Although it is 2-3 times higher than conventional materials, the overall production cost is greatly reduced. Generally, manufacturers who design and produce puffing machines for more than 10 years are more reliable.

The twin-screw extruder expands the process, adopts self-heating mode, does not need steam system, and more meets the actual needs of users. The screw design has a powerful self-cleaning function, and the screw groove can be cleaned by itself. Therefore, when the formula and product variety are changed, there is no need to stop the cleaning. The screw has a strong pumping effect, and the material has a strong diffusion effect and a fast advancement speed. Product quality is relatively stable. The screw discharge nozzle adopts modular design, which is convenient to adjust and cheap.

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