What are the advantages of fish feed equipment?

- Aug 01, 2018 -

1. The palatability of the feed is improved. After the feed ingredients are processed by the fish feed equipment, the flavor is increased, the palatability is improved, and the animal's appetite is stimulated.

2. The digestibility of the feed is increased. After the feed is treated by the fish feed equipment, the long-chain structure of organic substances such as proteins and fats is increased to a short-chain structure, so that it becomes more digestible.

3. Fish feed equipment can improve feed quality. Because the protein is combined with the starch matrix, it is not easily lost when fed.

4. The most basic of fish feed equipment is to reduce the content of bacteria, mold and fungi in raw materials, improve the hygienic quality of feed, provide sterile and mature feed for animals, thereby reducing the risk of disease and reducing various diseases. Addition of pharmaceutical ingredients

5. Fish feed equipment improves the gelatinization degree of starch on starch, produces modified starch, and has strong water absorption and bonding function. Due to its high water absorption, we can add more liquid ingredients (such as oil, molasses, etc.) to the product. At the same time, because of the much stronger bonding function than ordinary starch, the amount of starch added during the production of fish feed equipment. Can be greatly reduced

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