The development prospect of dog food equipment in China

- Aug 01, 2018 -

At present, because of the development of dog grain processing enterprises to the direction of collectivization and large scale, large dog food equipment will be developed, and the degree of mechanization and self movement will be further improved. Dog food equipment manufacturers and enterprises are also developing towards collectivization and scale.

1. The dog grain equipment in China has undergone three stages of germination, start and rapid development. The automation of dog grain equipment has been improved to a certain extent, and the products of some big dog food equipment manufacturers have reached a high level in automatic control. The direction of future development should be highly automated or fully automated and intelligent. Change the development.

2, the mechanical equipment tends to develop in a large direction. As the manufacturer of dog food equipment is developing to large scale, and the manufacturer of dog grain equipment is also developing in the direction of scale, it is now advocating the development direction of new and innovative.

3, heat treatment technology is the development trend of dog food equipment. With the in-depth study of related technology and equipment, more and more attention has been paid to, and become the most potential development of feed processing technology, leading the development of fashion.

4, liquid spraying technology is an important measure to improve the quality of dog food equipment. This new technology guarantees the non-distortion of dog food formula, because of its incomparable superiority, will be rapidly developed and popularized.

5, improve the automation level of single machine and complete sets of equipment. The automation and intelligence of dog food equipment will become a major trend in the future.

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